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We’re sorry that you’ve been impacted by the recent hurricane, but help is on the way. We’re ready to take care of the IRS for you so that you don’t need to worry about tax debt while you have more important things going on in your life. All we need to begin is your contact information. Once you fill out this form or call us we will setup a FREE case evaluation with you, learn about your specific situation and determine the course of action that will give you relief as quickly as possible. After that, we’ll take this off you plate so you can concentrate on getting your life back together and being there for your family.

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Even Hurricanes Can't Stop The IRS

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, you want to focus the most on getting everything back on track for you and your family. In these situations, the important things in life come into focus. You want to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy, that your property is safe or set to be repaired, that you can pay your bills and your rent or mortgage, and that you are able to get to and from your job safely.

But what happens when you're trying to do all of these things and the IRS keeps harassing you about a tax problem? If your property or other assets have been destroyed, is the agency going to keep coming after you when you have nothing to give? Does the IRS even understand or care about what you've been through?

Help Is Available ... In Certain Areas

Thankfully, the answer is yes (but with conditions attached). Due to recent declarations from the IRS, individuals and businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma can ask the IRS to stop collection efforts for a period of time. HOWEVER, there are specific guidelines about which areas of Florida and Texas are eligible for this relief, so you need to find out if you are in one of these eligible areas before making such a request.

Does Your Area Qualify For Relief? Find Out With This Tool!

We've created a ZIP code lookup tool that will help you see if your area qualifies for post-disaster tax relief. To see if you are eligible:

  1. Input your ZIP code into the tool.
  2. Click the Check Eligibility button.
  3. Contact us right away so that we can help you take the next steps to get the IRS to stop harassing you.

Other Help For Business Owners And Individuals

Getting the IRS to stop calling is obviously a huge benefit of the declarations that the IRS recently issued in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, but other types of tax help are available as well. The IRS recently declared that:

  • Losses caused by the hurricane (often called casualty losses) can be claimed on federal income tax returns. This is especially important for individuals and business owners who have experienced significant property loss and for those who have lost income/revenue as a result of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
  • Taxpayers affected by the hurricane may be eligible for an extension of their tax-filing deadline or other tax-related time frames. This includes an extension on the time to file tax returns for individuals and businesses as well as estates, trusts and many other types of entities.
  • The agency will waive certain fees for certain document requests that may be necessary to obtain other forms of relief (prior tax filings, etc.).

What Do I Do Now?

You have enough on your plate right now. Focus on your family and what matters most, and let us handle the IRS and your tax situation for you. We have experience in complicated tax matters such as post-disaster tax relief and know how to help you make the most of recent declarations by the IRS. We want to remove as much tax-related stress as possible for you during this difficult time, so we are also offering special disaster relief repayment plans, including financing, so that you can get the IRS off your back without added financial strain. Contact us at 855-900-1040 to get a free tax relief evaluation today.