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Being in the IRS crosshairs is terrifying and tax problems have a way of snowballing when ignored. Open every letter that comes in the mail and then take action and discuss your concerns with a tax attorney.

One thing is for certain: The IRS is not going away.

Act decisively to protect your rights and you do have them, there is even a Taxpayer's Bill of Rights that you can review. At Silver Tax Group, you will find an ally in your fight to resolve any tax problem. Our attorneys handle Arizona state and federal tax disputes, including:

  • Tax audits and investigations into employee withholdings or business expenses
  • Administrative agency appeals and tax court litigation
  • Collection matters that may involve a lien, levy or garnishment
  • Negotiation of back taxes through offer in compromises, installment agreements or hardship waivers.

Immediate action is a must when facing the power and resources of the IRS. Silver Tax Group represents individuals and business owners in Arizona and will take immediate action to reach the best possible outcome in your case.

IRS Targets Certain Industries In Arizona

Individuals in any industry can be targeted by the IRS. But according to the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity, the following industries have seen growth in audits and compliance reviews in recent years:

  1. Leisure and hospitality
  2. Construction
  3. Professional and business services
  4. Manufacturing

All we need is 24 hours to take emergency action on your behalf. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help you resolve your tax issue.

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