Tax Services To Protect California Residents

If you find the thought of dealing with the Internal Revenue Service unappealing, you are not alone. Taxes are a confusing and frustrating burden at the best of times. When things go wrong, they can threaten your business or even your freedom. The IRS does not forget and they do not forgive voluntarily. If they target you for special attention, you need a strong, talented legal team to protect you.

Silver Tax Group has the experience and resources to take on the IRS. Our lawyer handle a wide range of tax matters for California businesses and individuals. We can work quickly to address your situation with a strategy tailor-made to protect your interests.

Situations Calling For A Tax Attorney

If you are dealing with any of the following tax concerns, we can help you:

  • IRS audit
  • Criminal tax allegations
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Seizure of assets
  • Offers in compromise
  • Offshore asset issues
  • Hardship or inability to pay taxes
  • Tax, accounting or business strategy questions
  • Any tax court litigation
  • Emergency tax needs, including wage garnishment, bank levees or more

In each of these situations, there is a benefit to taking swift action. The instant you become concerned about a potential problem with the IRS, you should speak to a skilled professional on our team.

Contact Us Right Away

When it comes to tax problems, a problem can start out small and quickly swallow up your entire life. Tax issues do not solve themselves. You need to take action to put yourself in the best possible position going forward. Please contact us immediately if you have a dispute or question about your tax rights and obligations. At Silver Tax Group, we know the value of taking rapid action. We are familiar with the California IRS offices and will work quickly to find a successful resolution to your situation.