Targeted By The IRS In Illinois? Take Action Immediately.

When your business ledger or your personal finances are targeted by the IRS, it can be the beginning of a long and painful process. The IRS often imposes harsh penalties for even honest mistakes made under the tax code. Some businesses and individuals in Illinois have even found themselves facing criminal prosecution.

While only a tiny percentage of tax returns are audited or subject to IRS action, that is no comfort to those who are unlucky enough to catch the eye of an IRS agent.

At Silver Tax Group, we know how to move quickly to protect you. Our tax lawyers know how the IRS operates in Illinois. We will act within the first 24 hours to protect you from wage garnishment, a frozen bank account and other harmful actions like passport denial. If you are already considering an appeal or litigation, we can help you reach a successful resolution.

The IRS In Illinois

Of the 13 IRS offices in Illinois, four are in the Greater Chicago area. The IRS tends to focus on urban areas where it can collect more in penalties, but it will target anyone, anywhere to collect what it believes it is due. In general, the IRS focuses its efforts on tax returns reporting income greater than $10 million or reporting no income (operating at a loss). That said, anyone can end up in the crosshairs of an IRS agent.

Every year, the Justice Department uses Tax Day to make an example of a few parties associated with improper returns. In 2017, the IRS selected specific tax preparers, including one serving Illinois. This is just one of the ways a person can face harsh IRS actions without knowingly doing anything wrong.

When You Need An Attorney

The tax code is almost comically complex. A cynical person might even suggest that it is designed to ensure that every return will contain at least a few errors. Businesses and individuals may end up choosing to pay more than they owe, just in case, or risk a potentially devastating result if they are audited.

The IRS does not conduct audits with the goal of making sure you didn't overpay. It audits with the intent to collect more. If you receive notice of an audit or another IRS action, you should contact us immediately. The IRS is experienced, resourceful and without pity. If you are facing an audit or other IRS action, contact us as soon as possible to protect yourself.