Don't Face Your Texas Tax Issues Alone

Silver Tax Group has built a history of success by representing Texas clients in a wide range of tax matters. In tax issues, seemingly every financial decision you made can come into question as the IRS searches for a reason to punish you. If they find something, the penalties can be overwhelming.

Tax issues are not only related to IRS audits. Silver Tax Group has helped clients on a wide spectrum of matters from negotiating an offer in compromise to complex tax litigation, our firm has the experience necessary to protect you.

Our Services Focus On One Outcome - Ending Your Tax Problem

When people think of a tax problem, the first thing that comes to mind is an audit. But an audit is just the first tool the IRS uses to get people to pay more than they owe. Our team of tax attorneys has a successful record of helping clients throughout Texas avoid unnecessary taxes, interest and penalties. We will start preparing your defense the day you call.

That's why we say: "Give us 24 hours and we'll start putting your tax problem behind you."

Our Wide Range Of Services

There are many strategies to help put your tax problem behind you. Our services include:

  • Resolving tax court litigation in your favor
  • Defending employers facing problems with Texas state and federal employment tax withholding
  • Fighting liens and asset seizures
  • Negotiating offers in compromise and tax workouts

The Solution

To get the best possible solution, you need to present the strongest case the first time. If you work with our tax attorneys, we can protect your rights and develop a sound defense strategy. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.