Think You Paid Your Fair Share Of Taxes? The IRS May Not Agree.

Whether you are a Virginia business owner or simply an individual trying to get by, receiving an IRS notice is scary and it can be hard to open the envelope. In an instant, countless questions may begin to rush through your head. How will I pay a large tax bill? Will my business survive? Coudl I go to jail? Where can I turn for answers?

Despite the fact that the IRS already collects billions of dollars in taxes every year from Virginia taxpayers and businesses, it is always looking for more. And with 10 IRS offices in Virginia alone, Virginians often find themselves under the IRS magnifying glass.

Don't Let The IRS Push You Around - Help Is A Phone Call Away

Trying to deal with the IRS alone is often a mistake. Let Silver Tax Group help you level the playing field. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to find an efficient resolution to your tax problems. The benefits of contacting Silver Tax Group for help during an IRS audit are many:

  • We will act as an intermediary between you and the IRS
  • We will organize and put together all required documentation
  • We will go through every page when necessary to catch mistakes and correct them
  • We will prevent court proceedings where possible and defend you fiercely before court when needed.

Silver Tax Group offers a free initial consultation with an attorney who understands the nuances of Virginia tax law. This is no time for Google searches that do not return individualized answers. You can reach us online or by phone at 800-778-2741. We answer our phones 24/7.

In-Person Audits Are Serious, But Do They Hurt Businesses Or Individuals More?

Did you know that individuals and corporation subjected to an IRS field audit had to pay nearly three times more than individuals who completed a correspondence audit through the mail? We know how to protect your interests and will being to do so within 24 hours of taking your case. In addition to audit defense, we help taxpayers with tax litigation, offshore account compliance, offers in compromise and unfiled returns.

Regardless of the type of tax issue you may be facing and whether state or federal, we can help - contact us today.