Wisconsin: A Challenging Frontier For Taxpayers

According to the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan tax policy nonprofit, Wisconsin has the 5th highest tax burden in the nation, with the 10th highest income tax rate of any state. Most residents of the Badger State pay more than their fair share of taxes - but that does not prevent the IRS from pursuing more through audits and collection actions.

In recent years, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has asked for funding to hire many additional audit and tax enforcement agents to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. These agents draw on federal IRS audit data to target state audits. That means it is essential for Wisconsin taxpayers to maintain good standing with the IRS to avoid additional enforcement action by the state.

At Silver Tax Group, our attorneys help individual and business taxpayers in all of Wisconsin's industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism

The IRS audits less than one percent of all filed tax returns, but your chances vary greatly depending on your business activities and income. While the IRS audits only .88 percent of returns by individuals earning less than $200,000 per year, they audit 11 percent of tax returns filed by those earning $1 million or more. Large corporations with assets exceeding $10 million face an audit rate of 16 percent.

Fighting For Individuals And Businesses In America's Dairyland

In addition to the possibility of back taxes, fees and penalties, dealing with the IRS often brings stress, disruption and expense. At Silver Tax Group, we can help you:

  • Fight a possibly erroneous tax or penalty assessment
  • Negotiate a resolution with an IRS agent through an offer in compromise
  • Prevent a state or federal agency from seizing your property

Don't Fear The IRS. Put Our Tax Professionals In Your Corner.

The IRS enforces a complex, highly technical, ever-changing tax code. The IRS uses your confusion and fear in their favor. But what if you didn't have to be this way?

At Silver Tax Group, our attorneys take on the burden of the tax IRS issue. We communicate with the IRS for you and shield you from wage garnishment, levies and other enforcement actions. Contact us any time for your free case evaluation. Our knowledgeable tax lawyers assist clients nationwide.