Tax Fraud Investigations

The hassle, frustration and pain of identity theft are nearly indescribable. People who have been caught up on identity theft schemes can spend years or even decades trying to undo the damage. Combining identity theft with tax problems is just unfair.

If something seems odd about your tax return or you are receiving collection calls from an IRS agent that make you uncomfortable, go with your gut.

Something probably is wrong.

Tax-related identity theft is more common than you may realize. In 2015 alone, there were 18 million instances of this.

You Do Not Have To Be Wrapped Up In Red Tape

The process for a typical person to undo the damage of tax-related identity fraud is a complex mess of IRS red tape. This is where you can benefit from having our proven tax attorneys on your side. We have 40 years of experience and have established an effective relationship with the IRS.

You can rely to us to investigate your situation and determine whether someone has stolen your identity or filed a fraudulent tax return. If it has happened, we will make sure the IRS flags your account and doesn't allow any further funny business to occur.

Don't Go It Alone. Contact Silver Tax Group.

It will cost you nothing to learn how we can help you with our tax fraud investigations. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.