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Tax Court Litigation & Defense: How to Choose the Best Tax Court Litigation and Defense Attorney

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    Anytime you are being audited or headed to tax court, it’s only right that you get the help of the best lawyer that you can find. 

    There are lots of great tax attorneys that you can touch base with, but it’s vital that you learn what they do and how they can assist you. 

    We’ve got you covered. 

    Read on to learn more about the service that a tax court litigation and defense attorney can provide. 

    Understand the Work That Tax Court Attorneys Handle

    Hiring the assistance of a tax litigation lawyer can be worthwhile whether you are a small business seeking relief, or an individual trying to bounce back from an IRS audit. 

    Let’s take a look at some of the many situations in which these attorneys can be useful to you:

    1. You Are Being Audited

    When managing your wealth, understanding tax audits and how they occur will be essential.

    Simply put, will definitely require the service of a tax attorney if you are being audited. Whether the audit turns into subsequent Court hearings or you simply need an attorney to comb through your finances to defend you, these lawyers are valuable in this regard whether you are a small business being audited or an individual. Touch base with a lawyer as soon as you get word that and all that is in the process and they will help you find your way out of this potentially stressful situation.

    2. A Lien is Being Placed on Your Bank Account

    When you owe tax money, iRS has the power to put a lien on your bank account.

    When this happen mama they can even take out the full amount of your tax bill in one Fell Swoop. Heron the assistance of a lawyer can help you to avoid this or delay the process. Since you generally have no control how or when the money will be taken out after a lien is placed, your best cases is to avoid having a lien being placed on your account as a whole. I reaching out to a tax litigation and defense attorney, it becomes far easier for you to withstand these circumstances.

    3. You Need Help With an Appeal

    It’s not just about winning your initial court case, you may also need the assistance of a lawyer to help you if you are going to file an appeal. A paragraph there are many situations in which the IRS is let out wrong about a decision against you. When this happens, the last thing you will want to do is represent yourself in court.

    Hiring a tax litigation attorney allows you to have someone file suit on your behalf in order to strategically go through with the appeals process.

    4. The IRS Has Filed Criminal Charges or an Investigation

    You’ll definitely need the assistance of the best tax lawyer possible when criminal charges are filed against you. 

    Being audited is one thing, never lose sight of the fact that taxation can easily lead to criminal charges depending on the evidence against you. If you are being accused of things like tax evasion or tax fraud, you will need to call the best tax firm tax law firm you can hire as soon as possible. The government is generally aggressive in these sorts of cases so you will need the assistance of someone who can craft the best defense possible for you.

    With jail time or serious fines looming, never play around with these sorts of situations.

    5. You Are Planning to File a Lawsuit Against the IRS

    There are a number of situations in which it may become necessary to file suit against the Internal Revenue Service. 

    Never lose sight of the fact that the courts are intended to work for you, simply against you. As such, you have the constitutional right to sue the IRS if you feel that you are being charged in error or otherwise taken advantage of.

    Since the IRS has the backing of the federal you will also need a high-power who can represent your interests. You will need a firm that can come correct when filing the case in order to profess quality evidence that will win.

    Look For the Most Qualified Tax Court Attorney

    Now that you understand why hiring a tax lawyer is essential, it’s time to do everything in your power to find the right attorney. 

    By learning the ins and outs of hiring the best tax attorney, you’ll get the best results for your case. Use the following points when searching for the right lawyer:

    1. Widen Your Search and Get Recommendations

    Recommendations are everything when you are trying to hire a lawyer. When you know somebody that has had success with their tax litigation case, it is easier to put trust in any law firm that you are thinking about hiring.

    In addition to recommendations, look through several portals and databases until you find the law firm that seems the most credible. There are several sites that give grades to different law firms, will be able to pick and choose which you would like to do business with as you put together a short list of the most qualified professionals.

    2. Check Into Their Background and Qualifications

    While recommendations are crucial, you should also research the firm for yourself to get to know their credentials. 

    Find out where they got their law degree, how long they have been practicing, and what companies, if any, they have represented in past tax cases. You should also dive deep into their background in order to see if they have ever been penalized or reprimanded by the state bar association. 

    3. Set Up a Consultation For Advice

    You should reach out to a few of these firms after you have put together a shortlist. 

    By actually sitting down and interviewing the law firms, you will get to hear how they will represent you and what sort of legal advice they can offer. You’ll also be able to ask any questions that you might have about their experience, which can guide you and put your mind at ease. 

    4. Ask About Their Attorney Fees

    It’s crucially important to get a list of your lawyer’s fees as well. Tax cases can be particularly laborious, so by reaching out to a few different professionals, you’ll get to see how much they charge and whether or not you can afford them. 

    The last thing you would want is to get out of tax debt trouble, only to find that you’re in the hole with a law firm that you can’t afford. 

    5. Thoroughly Read Through the Contract

    Before hiring any tax litigation attorney, you’ll need to know exactly what the contract entails. 

    In addition to the fee structure, determine who your points of contact are, what constitutes a breach in the contract, and exactly what kind of service you are signing up for. 

    The less ambiguity you have about your relationship with your tax attorney, the better. 

    Work Side by Side With Your Tax Court Attorney

    When you’re able to work constructively with your tax litigation attorney, you’re more likely to find success. 

    This means being open and honest with them about every part of your tax situation, and furnishing any documentation that they need. Your lawyer is only able to help you out when they have a clear understanding of the entire landscape that you are dealing with. 

    From here, your tax attorney will always help you shoot for the best case scenario. This could be a matter of finding a settlement with the IRS or putting together the best defense strategies possible. 

    You’ll also want to make sure that you are always touching base with the right point person at the firm since positive communication is essential. The more willing you are to work constructively with your lawyer, the better. 

    Get the Legal Assistance That You Need

    When you need help in tax court, you’ll absolutely need to hire the best lawyer you can find. 

    No matter what sort of situation you’re dealing with, there are tax litigation and defense attorneys that can see you through your case from start to finish. By understanding the points above, you will not only know why these lawyers are important but will choose the best attorney for you. 

    Reach out to the Silver Tax Group when you need the best legal assistance. To learn more about how we can help you out, contact us today!

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