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The IRS provides a large amount of advice to taxpayers concerning what certain matters arise. The agency also at the same time sends out notifications to taxpayers concerning a large number of concerns.

A notification could concern an audit, or a changed or corrected return. It could indicate a tax deficiency, meaning that you owe more money. The most important piece of advice they provide is not to ignore any notification you receive from the IRS.

The proper response to an IRS inquiry

The IRS tells taxpayers not to panic when receiving a notification. However, understanding the possible penalties at stake when an inquiry arrives, this is not always easy to do. An audit notice, for example, could result in possible criminal penalties under certain situations.

As the IRS suggests, it is important to “read the letter carefully and take the appropriate action.” And since there may be deadlines accompanying such notices, a timely response could reduce any penalties and interest you may owe.

Simply because the IRS provided a corrected return does not automatically mean you made a mistake. It is important to review the information carefully and make certain whether returns in question are accurate.

The IRS allows for taxpayers to dispute IRS findings. But in responding to the IRS, it is important that you provide documentation supporting any disagreements you may have with the agency. A seasoned tax attorney will know best on what the IRS will be looking for when responding to an audit notice or other inquiry.

Avoid tax scams

Any contact from the IRS should come by U.S. mail. They will not attempt to email or text you to get you to pay additional dollars. The IRS also has a website where you can review your account information.

Tax scams can prove costly and may even result in you sharing account information with scam artists. If you are a victim of a tax scam, we recommend you seek legal assistance immediately.

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