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intense tax scrutiny to immigrants
taxpayers heavily in debt and taxes
A blue-collar worker and tax law changes
file freelancer taxes correctly
limited power of IRS
FATCA continues to impact strong
shoddy accounting causes problems
taxes owed and solutions
protect your offshore assets
the power the IRS
IRS adopted a taxpayer bill of rights
meaning of new tax bill
FATCA and underreporting of income
to find identity theft by technology
levies and tax debt
predictions of taxes changes
when tax penalties and audits happen
digital currency and taxes
taxes of bitcoins and offshore accounts
questions about tax fillings
tax changes in 2018
IRS contractors
tax reporting of freelance income
foreign bank tax concern
discharge of tax debt and bankruptcy
taxes of gifting and estate taxes
tips from IRS for small business
IRS rehires with misconduct issues
new tax reform proposals
FATCA requirements
tax and severance pay
trigger tax audits by credit card
tax penalties
concerns about IRS guidance
new bill regarding digital currency
new bill regarding digital currency
FATCA requirements
congressional bill
tax breaks and job seekers
tax breaks and job seekers
proposals and tax write-offs
underreporting taxes and penalties
how to get alimony payments and tax deductions
risky procedure for foreign accounts
losses from disaster and tax deductions
tax audits by mistakes
tax enforcement for offshore accounts
take a miscellaneous deduction
obstruction of justice
how to track complaints
take actions to tax lien or levy
private collectors of IRS tax debt
willfulness and the disclosure of foreign account
learn from IRS audits
IRS website is not legal authority
tax debt in bankruptcy and late tax fillings
coping with a federal tax lien
tax sharing agreements and IRS
concerns of large tax refunds
IRS and gas station audit
after receiving an IRS Audit Letter
On behalf of Silver Tax Group posted in IRS Tax Audits on Thursday, June 8, 2017. As a small business owner, there are few things as frightening as receiving an IRS audit notice. Even the most confident and meticulous book-keepers can instantly be filled with fear and doubt as they imagine the IRS pouring over their financial records looking…
offers in compromise and tax debt
supreme court and retroactive tax legislation
passive income and reporting
IRS tax refunds
reporting of micro-captive transactions
IRS and paying back taxes
exclusion of certain foreign income
Retroactive legislation and back taxes
difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion
taxes and small business
alternative minimum tax
Legislators looking at repeal of FATCA
The lengthy process in resolving identity theft claims
the Affordable Care Act
Tax audits and statutes of limitations
IRS auditing
IRS and frivolous tax returns
IRS disclosure programs
Cancellation of debt as income
new rules concerning offers in compromise
retirement tax mistakes and tax consequences
tax reporting for constructive receipt
tax crimes in 2016
spouse relied and tax debt
red flags that lead to tax audits
mortgage deductions
offshore accounts and John Doe summons
overlooked deductions when filling tax returns
tax problems
identity theft
Donald Trump's tax plan
offshore account
federal employees owe back taxes
a bill of rights for taxpayers
tax deadline
the IRS is everywhere in florida
IRS will reward whistleblowers
Deferred compensation plans and offshore accounts
IRS and self-employment taxes
Innocent spouse tax relief
tax planning
extension for FBAR filings
get audited by the IRS
Health insurance reimbursements
paying estimated taxes
delinquent taxes
What will happen to deductions under President Trump?
tax audits and the IRS
retirement and tax audit
virtual currency and tax
tax inversions
estate tax increases
report gambling winnings on taxes
offshore revenue
capital tax and sale of home
releasing tax returns
Arguments That Let You Slay IRS Penalties
IRS and tax debt
IRS testing streamlined installment agreement process
IRS considers changes to appeals rules
fantasy sports and IRS tax
planning offshore tax
offshore account information by IRS
Special unit of IRS focuses upon the wealthy
collect tax debt for the IRS
federal tax lien
IRS can look back in fraudulent transfer cases
Uber, Airbnb, And The Taxman
reducing the likelihood of an IRS audit
whistleblower claims against taxpayers
disclose foreign assets
reasonable amount for an offer in compromise
track your losses
Some IRS bills are sent to people by mistake
letter from IRS
misclassification of workers
The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP)
loan forgiveness can trigger a tax burden
address issue and tax liens
first-time abate program
FATCA disclosure
tax audits about self-employed taxpayers
taxes penalties for entrepreneur
"structuring" for cash business owner
IRS and personal social security
from boom to bust
process for spouse requests
sharing economy and requirements
from boom to bust
from boom to bust
IRS and enforcement officers
cash business and tax regulations
reduce IRS penalties
selling a property and tax consequences
reconsideration to the rescue
charges of tax fraud
self-employment and tax knowledge
dealing with a tax audits
identify a tax scam
file for a tax extension
after receiving a 1099
business or side hobby
sports and taxes
records to support tax deductions
speaking with a tax lawyer
track a tax return
taxes and divorce and spouse relief
tax season
how the oil boom caused back tax

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