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Silver Tax Group has over 40 years of combined experience helping taxpayers like you settle their debts, prevent liens, bank levies, and wage garnishments, prepare for IRS audits, and more. We have Bar Certified attorneys in all fifty states ready to represent you today. 

When you are having an issue with the IRS, your financial future is on the line. Give us a call, and we’ll evaluate your case for free at let you know what you need to do to get the most favorable outcome.





Has the IRS Contacted You by Phone?

The IRS will never contact you by phone without first sending a notice by mail. If your first contact with the “IRS” was made by phone, you do not need to request our services. If the IRS does call you, they will never demand payment over the phone, threaten to involve local law enforcement, or request any personal information. We recommend you call the IRS directly to confirm the legitimacy of the call.

What Makes Silver Tax Group Different?

Real Lawyers On Every Case

We assign a real, bar-certified tax lawyer to every case. Many firms will assign an Enrolled Agent or equivalent instead. Enrolled Agents have no required college degrees or other formal tax education. When your wages, assets, and property are on the line — you need a qualified attorney to represent your best interests.

Unmatched Expertise

In over 40 years of representing clients to the IRS, we’ve learned a thing or two. The IRS is among the world’s most powerful organizations, but they aren’t above the law. You have a right to representation from a qualified tax lawyer to ensure you get the outcome you deserve.

Flat-Fee Pricing

We can resolve your tax problems for one flat-rate fee. We do not bill by the hour, and we do not charge for miscellaneous expenses and fees. Give us a call for a free case evaluation today, and we’ll tell you exactly what it costs to get the resolution you deserve. We’ll even price match our competitors within reason.

We’re Here To Help With Any Tax Issue

Our attorneys have vast experience helping clients with a wide variety of tax issues.

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Wage Garnishment, Bank Levees, and Asset Seizure

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IRS Audit Defense


Offshore Assets


Tax Court Litigation & Defense

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Criminal Tax Defense


Accounting, Tax,
and Business Consulting

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Unfiled Tax Returns


Installment Agreements


Offers in compromise

Our Process


Complimentary (Free)


Case Closed! (Completed)






a) Attorney Representation Filed with IRS 
to Establish Client Protection
b) Establish IRS Contact
c) Consultation with Attorney Chad C. Silver National Award Winning Top Tax Attorney


Establish IRS Compliance
Achieve best resolution

We've Saved Our Client Over $23,417,844
- And Counting!

Taxes Owed: $22,000

Final Settlement Amount:



John in Phoenix, AZ

Taxes Owed: $22,000

Final Settlement Amount:



Christian in Chicago, IL

Taxes Owed: $22,000

Final Settlement Amount:



Dave in Raleigh, NC

Read What Our Clients Have to Say

“Silver Tax Group is excellent to work with.  Smart, knowledgeable, and able to explain a complex tax situation. They greatly helped me and a few other business owners.  I would work with them again.”


— Shawn L.

“The Silver Tax Group is incredible!  Due to their outstanding professionalism and tax savvy, my IRS concerns were remedied in my favor!!! Their team, Mr. Waggoner, Mrs. Burnett, Ms. Donaldson and Attorney Silver himself were very concerned and empathetic. During our conversations. I was not treated as just a client (corny as this may sound) but as a person. INCREDIBLE TEAM!!
Thank you , Silver Tax Group”


— Dr. J. Rogers

“On a Friday morning, S.T.G. explained to me precisely what they needed to resolve my problem, and by Friday afternoon I hand-delivered exactly what they requested.  Less than 96 hours later, this outstanding group of Legal & Tax Professionals delivered resolution & finality.  They worked through the weekend and remained in direct contact with me at a level of professionalism I’ve never witnessed through my 20 years of legal & business dealings.  Understand,…. this was the Super Bowl weekend, and I was still receiving updates and emails even as the game went into overtime.  By Tuesday morning, I had resolve.  Follow their guidance, and S.T.G. will steadfastly deliver.”


— P.J. Haddad

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