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Why You Should Hire a Tax Attorney for Criminal Tax Defense

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    You know you are about to face your worst nightmare and you need help. You are not alone. Everyone fears and becomes confused when facing an issue with the IRS.

    When this happens what you need more than anything else is a tax attorney who has experience and offers stellar tax advice.

    A tax attorney who can defend you from any civil tax proceedings or criminal charges the IRS may file.

    You are in good hands with us. We go through your tax case with you and give you legal options which offer the least amount of civil or criminal exposure.

    There are times when you find out you are facing an IRS audit. The IRS has procedures and guidelines they go by and must be adhered to. 

    We are also going to share information about tax court litigation. All this information is being provided so you know you do not have to go through this alone.

    We want to help you. We care about your case and what’s more, we can help with any of the tax, legal or the criminal unknowns.

    Tax Lawyers Nearby, Ready to Help

    There are various tax lawyers you can call who are near you. Knowing which tax lawyer you need to help you with your tax issues takes some researched background information.

    When you face the IRS you don’t pick a tax lawyer based on if they are near you. You pick them based on their stellar tax experience and abilities.

    For instance, tax lawyers are essential to have with you during various types of tax audits. But, not all tax lawyers near you have the experience you need.

    It is important to start at the beginning and know the various types of tax audits in which you may need to secure your next legal steps. 

    If you wait too long, even the best tax attorney can have their work cut out for them. 

    We state it is important to hire us at the beginning of the process so you have the best legal protection.

    You want to be legally represented so you have the least exposure to IRS civil and criminal filings.

    IRS Audits Broken Down from Minor to Major Legal Repercussions

    There are four main types of tax audits the IRS perform. The first two are;

    • Notified by Mail Audit/Correspondance Audit. This type of audit is the least severe but can still cause anxiety.
      • You will receive a letter from the IRS requesting additional information about part of your tax return.
      • Most of the time the IRS needs more information and data due to your tax figure amounts in your return.
      • If you have data which backs up your tax return claims, you have no worries when you send the IRS your information.
      • But, if you don’t have receipts or data to back-up your return figures and amounts you have no time to lose. Now is the time to seek legal representation with a tax attorney.
    • In-office Tax Audit. This is when the IRS requires an in-office tax audit. 
      • This tax audit takes place in-person in an office with the IRS.
      • The IRS will request specific documentation from you and it is vital you bring it with you for this meeting.
      • It is always recommended you bring a tax attorney with you to one of these meetings.
      • It is always in your best legal interest to have a tax attorney with you at all times when dealing with the IRS.

    The Third and Fourth Type of Tax Audits

    The third and fourth type of tax audits has higher legal and criminal risk. They are;

    • Field Audits. The IRS requests a field audit when there is going to be a    challenged IRS audit.
      • These audits may feel intrusive as they take place in your home or office.
      • There are many documents gone over in detail and all are gone over by the IRS with intense focus. 
      • This is because field audits are not performed unless there are major concerns or questions. IRS questions which need a lot more detailed information.
      • We always recommend a tax attorney to be with you in your home or business during a field audit by the IRS.

    We compare it to protecting yourself with the 5th amendment at a criminal or civil hearing.

    You do not want to give the IRS any incriminating statements or paperwork. Because they can and will use that against you.

    • Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program (TCMP) Audit. This type of audit may seem to be an odd-duck but it is used to update data for the IRS’ DIF scores.
      • In a TCMP audit, the IRS will analyze each item on your tax return. They will also make sure each item on your tax return is substantiated.
      • These audits need back up information and documentation for each item on the tax return used for deductions. 
      • Again, we recommend you have a tax attorney to with you. If you are not represented your legal and criminal exposure is magnified. 

    Tax Lawyer

    Now that you understand what tax issues come with audits and how they work, it is crucial to understand why you need a tax lawyer. 

    There is no IRS tax matter which does not concern a crucial or sensitive issue. Small mistakes can still add up to big penalties and fees. That’s in addition to lost time.

    The most important thing to note with IRS issues is always the overriding concern any of them can end up with you in jail.

    Tax laws are very complex and a tax lawyer is one of the only ways you can minimize your legal and criminal exposure.

    If you do not minimize your legal and criminal exposure on the front end of your tax problem, it may be too late by the end of the process.

    It is crucial to understand the power of a great tax defense team. Before we went over some of the things which happen if you get audited. Now we want to go over what does a tax lawyer provide you in these cases?

    What Does a Good Tax Lawyer Provide You?

    What do we as tax lawyers provide you when there are IRS tax issues? This is vital information to know and go over.

    You need to also go over it with your tax attorney so together you create the best outcome plan for you.

    Tax lawyers have a plethora of assistance options they can provide you. This includes, but is not limited to;

    • To reduce or eliminate any errors once you have begun having IRS communication regarding any of their issues or concerns. 
      • A tax lawyer specializes in tax law and as such can handle most legal tax matters.
      • This can range from settling any back taxes you owe to helping with property auctions and account garnishments.
      • In addition, a tax lawyer can help you with tax dispute resolutions and other tax controversies.
      • We have more than four decades of experience so we have expertise experience on tax issues you need.
      • Our tax experience ranges from tax issues which range from civil to criminal.
    • A tax defense lawyer understands the laws. Most people do not have technical expertise with regards to tax laws. Nor do they understand how IRS officials conduct their audits or legal concerns.
      • While it is common knowledge that IRS officials are looking for discrepancies in your taxes, few people can handle the IRS as tax attorneys can.
      • For example, it is common for people to legally expose themselves more than necessary when explaining something during an audit. This, in turn, makes the audit more complicated as the IRS officials can capitalize on it.
      • A tax lawyer will not only advise you on what to say. They will also advise you on the documents you need to provide but not more than you need to provide.

    Tax Attorney

    We are the right tax attorney for you because we are your legal advocate. We are your best representation.

    We are one of the only ways a tax-adverse situation can end in the best terms possible.

    Hiring us as your tax attorney in a preventive manner lessens your criminal exposure. Prevention is always better than intervening when things are already broken at the end of the process. 

    If you hire us at the beginning of your IRS exposure, our legal representation on your behalf can prevent things from escalating into criminal charges.

    That’s why hiring us as your tax attorney on the front end of any IRS issue is more conducive to getting a positive result.

    For instance, you may not be aware of the following;

    • The IRS is often aimed at getting a particular response that you may not know. Yet, you will answer it to the best of your ability without a tax attorney.
      • This can result in you paying more taxes than you needed to pay.
    • If you hire us as your tax attorney you will get a better outcome most of the time with your IRS issue. Most people treat you different if they know you have legal representation. The IRS is no different.
      • IRS officials understand tax attorneys have years of tax law education, experience, and information at their fingertips. 
      • The result may be you receive faster turnaround time and a better outcome for your tax issues.  

    When Do I Hire a Tax Attorney?

    If you have been contacted by the IRS, hire a tax attorney now. Never assume you can handle the IRS issue without a skilled tax attorney.

    We are here to help you deal with one of the most powerful organizations in the United States.

    We know how to challenge legal IRS issues and criminal investigation audits. We will walk you through the procedures and steps. We will go over the unknowns and what we need to do next together.

    We are one click or one phone call away from handling your anxieties about what to do about your IRS issues.

    We have tax answers which help you plan a healthy future free of IRS worry. Call us today. Every day you wait is a day the IRS has to make its case against you stronger.

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