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Our mission is to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome in their tax case. To accomplish this, we assign a real, qualified tax attorney to every single case. Many tax relief firms will assign an Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, or other “Tax Professional” to your case. When your wages, property, and financial future are on the line, you deserve experienced, qualified representation from a tax attorney to get you the outcome you deserve. Hire one of the top rated tax relief companies today.

Emergency Tax Service

Emergency Tax Services

Haven't filed taxes yet? Behind on filing? Get real tax relief help today.

Protection For Your Offshore Assets

Offshore Assets & FBAR Filing

We help protect the assets you've worked hard for.

Irs Tax Audit Help

IRS Tax Audit Defense Services

Level the playing field and get tax audit representation, audit help & appeals.

Tax Attorney

Tax Court Litigation & Defense

Fight back with the right attorneys to defend you against litigation.

Criminal Tax Representation

Criminal Tax Defense

Settle your tax debt with quick and favorable results.

Tax Calculator Used For Consulting Services

Accounting & Tax Consulting

Get professional business tax advice from business tax attorneys.

Tax Attorney

Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns creates serious IRS complications. Get the help you need.

Irs Revenue Officer Looking For You

IRS Revenue Officer Defense

If you're having trouble with an IRS revenue officer or tax liens, we'll handle it.

Tax Attorney

Seizure of Assets

If your assets are threatened by the IRS, we'll fight for your property.

Tax Attorney

Hardship/Currently Not Collectible

If you owe the IRS, but you're in a tough financial situation, we're here to help.

Tax Attorney

Streamlined Installment Agreements

Work with professional tax attorneys to arrange IRS payment plans.

Offers In Compromise

Offers in Compromise

You may not owe the IRS as much as they are requesting. Let's fight back.

Fix Tax Debt Icon

Tax Debt Resolution

We will create a tailored solution to relieve your tax debt and help you work towards a debt-free life.

Tax Attorney

Tax Fraud Investigations

If you are a victim of tax fraud identity theft, let us help you expedite the process.

Tax Attorney

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Nationwide Tax Law Attorneys

If the IRS thinks you owe them money, they are not going to go away silently. Negotiating with the IRS for tax relief can be painful. The IRS is the nation’s most aggressive collections agency, and you need a tax law firm on your side with the moxie to take them on and win. Anywhere  you may be in the U.S., Silver Tax Group is the tax defense firm for you.

You Need a Team of Tax Defense Attorneys

Not a Tax Resolution Company

Tax resolution companies are sprouting like weeds across the nation, promising tax relief for a minimal fee. Tax resolution companies simply cannot offer all of the services a tax attorney can provide. Not only can we take on the IRS to achieve the best possible outcome for you, we can provide you with the benefits of attorney-client privilege and offer a flat-fee pricing structure that protects your finances.

The staff at Silver Tax Group are extremely helpful and highly knowledgeable when it comes to fighting the IRS and winning. They worked with me to resolve a tax situation that has been causing me mass amounts of stress. I feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was nervous about seeking legal help on my issue at first but am very pleased I did! I highly recommend Silver Tax Group! – Julien D. 5 Star Rating

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Our Tax Relief Attorneys are here to help with:

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A Track Record of Success

We've helped our clients save over $34,000,000 in tax debt the IRS came after.

Competitive, Flat-Fee Pricing

We provide flat-fee pricing to fit your needs, and your budget.

Real Tax Attorneys

No matter where you are in the process, we can help you make the best of your situation.

December 13, 2023.
Attorney silver really helped me with my issues against the IRS and would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with a very difficult situation with the IRS
Frances Berg
Frances Berg
August 30, 2023.
Excellent Service, helpful, attentive, informative and caring.
Patty Canapi
Patty Canapi
July 17, 2023.
Chad helped me get my corporate taxes filed properly even though there were so many things I was confused about. We talked about what changes I wanted to make this year, so now that the season's here again next AprilI know exactly how much more profitable we can be. Plus, the customer service is unbeatable- anytime someone asks questions or needs help with their taxes they get an immediate response from him takes care of everything, even if it's something small.
Remy Stolworthy
Remy Stolworthy
July 16, 2023.
Well, this was my first year dealing with the IRS. I apparently owed over $20k+ more than I had in cash, so, I called the guys a friend of mine recommended at Silver Tax Group. I am so grateful to Korey for taking the time to walk me through everything from the IRS fresh start program to the Offers in Compromise, since I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It wasn’t even a week later that we heard back from the IRS and I was able to make low payments over time. Something I didn’t know how to file for or even request. Thanks again, Korey.
Jarod Wilkins
Jarod Wilkins
June 5, 2023.
I received a letter from the IRS stating that my business owed payments due from 2020 after they "made changes" to my F941. Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to navigate this situation, I reached out to Silver Tax Group for assistance. Thanks to their hard work, I was able to resolve the issue with the IRS quickly and efficiently, saving me valuable time and resources. I am beyond grateful for the team at Silver Tax Group. Thank you!
Jan Latorre
Jan Latorre
May 17, 2023.
Great to work with. Mr Silver assured me he would take care of my issue, and he did! Very trustworthy.
Rudy Villanueva
Rudy Villanueva
May 10, 2023.
There are two sayings that come to mind with the Silver Tax Group, the right tool for the right job and hindsight is better than foresight! Don't waste the effort or the time contacting firms that are not the one. From the initial call to getting services rendered, the Silver Tax Group is unmatched in service, knowledge and results.

Did You Receive a Notification From The IRS?

The IRS provides a large amount of advice to taxpayers concerning what certain matters arise. The agency also at the same time sends out notifications to taxpayers concerning a large number of concerns.

A notification could concern an audit, or a changed or corrected return. It could indicate a tax deficiency, meaning that you owe more money. The most important piece of advice they provide is not to ignore any notification you receive from the IRS.

Personal Service From Top-Rated Tax Law Attorneys

At Silver Tax Group, we are a law firm. You will always work with an experienced tax attorney who specializes in tax issues and is most qualified to work on your issue. We provide legal representation to clients with tax issues across the country. You will have one point of contact throughout the entire process and we charge a flat fee so you know the price up front. Call Silver Tax Group now at (855) 900-1040 to get your free case evaluation.

Our Tax Defense Lawyers are available 24/7 to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

Our tax relief attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience representing taxpayers to state and federal tax authorities. If the IRS has contacted you and you don’t know how to proceed, give us a call for a free case evaluation. 

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