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If you’ve been contacted by the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue, we can handle all future communications on your behalf. We can represent your interests to these agencies and ensure your rights are being observed.​

Silver Tax Group represents Florida Taxpayers in all matters of state and federal tax issues. If you’re worried about unfiled tax returns, have back taxes, or the IRS is threatening anything at all – give us a call immediately. 

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  • Obtain emergency relief from IRS actions
  • Stop the IRS from garnishing your wages
  • Prevent levees from being placed on your bank accounts
  • Keep tax payments and penalties from spiraling out of control

Silver Tax Group

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Competitive Pricing
We offer flat fees on our services. Our prices are built to fit your needs and your budget.

What Past Clients Say About Us

“The Silver Tax Group is incredible! Due to their outstanding professionalism and tax savvy, my IRS concerns were remedied in my favor!!! Their team, Mr. Waggoner, Mrs. Burnett, Ms. Donaldson and Attorney Silver himself were very concerned and empathetic. During our conversations. I was not treated as just a client (corny as this may sound) but as a person. INCREDIBLE TEAM!!” - Dr. J Rodgers
5 star rating
A History of Success
IRS debt of $682,437, Attorney Silver and his team negotiated the Debt down to zero.

Be Ready For The IRS With Real Florida Tax Attorneys On Your Side

No matter where you are in the process, we can help you make the best of your situation.

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west palm beach lawyer
west palm beach lawyer
west palm beach lawyer
west palm beach lawyer
west palm beach lawyer
west palm beach lawyer

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