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I would highly recommend Silver Tax Group. I had a very tight deadline as my wages were about to be garnished by the IRS. Attorneys at Silver Tax Group were quick to take the panic away of losing my paycheck to the government. Shannon took the time to walk me through the process and made sure that my legal rights were represented when dealing with the federal government. My levy was lifted within 5 days and they saved me thousands of dollars, well worth the money.
U.S. Army Retired, Tennessee
I just came in from the mail box and sat down before opening the same kind of envelope I'm used to receiving from the IRS that normally states what's going to happen to me next. But today's letter was different. It was a letter telling me I'm released from the situation I've had over me for so long that I don't even remember what it felt like not to be afraid I could loose every thing. I have Attorney Silver to thank for this. At this news I'm so emotional right now I don't even know how to react. But I want you to know from the bottom of my heart and soul, Thank you so very much! I'm so appreciative you all stood up for me and fought a good fight.
L. Ramos
Hello Shannon,I would like to thank you for all your help through the tax resolution process. You and the staff at Silver Tax Group are incredible. Both Sam and I are so grateful for all that you have done for us.
D. G.
Washington D.C.
A very short message to advise you that on Thursday (8/15/15) I received all the hard copies of each of the documents I had recently requested from you concerning my FBAR submissions.As always, all was in perfect order. In turn, I will be supplying the needed pieces of information to my Employer for their internal records on Monday (8/19/15).Once again, thank you for your assistance. It was a pleasure for me to work with you as well.Stay well and best regards.
Nick Mennell
Chad and the crew at Silver Tax Group are the best, period. We were in a very tight tax bind that I won't get into here for obvious reasons and these guys saved us. After having one terrible tax experience after another, year after year, it was a God-send to find these guys. They were responsive, caring and quick and thorough to act. Couldn't recommend these guys higher.
Dan Tower
My wife and I were so worried about paying off my IRS debt of over $10,000. However, I stumbled upon Silver Tax Group on MSN Money and decided to call them. Chad reassured us from the beginning, answered our questions, and explained every step of their process to us. They kept us fully informed of the progress of our case. In the end, the IRS accepted and now we have been provided with a fresh start. Thanks for our lives back all goes to Silver Tax and their team of awesome attorneys!
Jason Barger
Smart, professional, and experienced. They made the whole process super easy and were really patient with all my questions. Would recommend.
Gina Marie Colucci
First time in years I haven't worried about missing something while filing. I was immediately struck by the knowledge and efficiency with which Silver Tax Group operates on. I will definitely be coming back next year.
Daniel Russell
They had the most professional staff and they were so easy to work with. They treated me like I was their only client. They really are educated and thorough.


  • Obtain emergency relief from IRS actions
  • Stop the IRS from garnishing your wages
  • Prevent levees from being placed on your bank accounts
  • Keep tax payments and penalties from spiraling out of control

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“I know I won't be getting those frightening letters anymore thanks to Chad Silver - such a weight off my mind!” - A. Gould, Ohio

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IRS debt of $682,437, Attorney Silver and his team negotiated the Debt down to zero.

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