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online filing services

Should You Pay Business Taxes Online?

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flow through

8 Pass-Through Business Entities Compared: Tax Benefits & More

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christmas baby

Tis’ the Season of Giving: Deducting Charitable Donations

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a team of robbers

How to Claim Casualty and Theft Losses on Your Tax Return

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natural disaster winds through palm trees

7 Tips for Natural Disaster Tax Relief

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solar pannels atop a home

Oregon Solar and Storage Tax Rebate Program Sets the Stage in 2020

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tax attorney blog

8 Questions You Should Ask an FBAR Lawyer

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commercial building tax deductions

Guide to Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deductions

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clean energy tax incentives

What You Need to Know About Clean Energy Tax Incentives for New Homes

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energy-efficient rebate program

The Great Lakes Energy Efficient Rebate Program: A Complete Guide

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solar sales tax incentives

Guide to Solar Sales Tax Incentives Through the Florida Department of Revenue

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energy-efficient rebates

Exploring Energy Efficient Rebates for San Diego Gas and Electric

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overseas bad bank

How Holding Money in an Overseas “Bad Bank” Can Attract IRS Scrutiny

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safe harbor and rental real estate enterprise

The IRS Changes the Rental Real Estate Enterprise

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nonprofit taxes

Nonprofit Taxes: How To Avoid IRS Scrutiny

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reap program

How to Understand the REAP Program Energy Audit

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controlled foreign corporations

Owning Controlled Foreign Corporations – Recent IRS Changes

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production tax credit

What Happened to Wind Energy? Explaining the Production Tax Credit

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solar energy tax credits

Here Comes the Sun: Your Guide to Solar Energy Tax Credits

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environmental tax incentives

Tax Incentives: Save the Environment with Conservation Easement

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