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Worried Man Reading A Tax Notice About The Irs Negligence Penalty

IRS Negligence Penalty: Who Gets It and How to Fight It

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Person Holding An Envelope With A Tax Audit Notice Inside Wondering How To Pass A Schedule C Audit

What Is a Schedule C Audit and How Can I Pass It?

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A For-Sale Sign Outside A Single-Family Home That Faces A California Tax On The Sale Of A Principal Residence

How to Avoid Tax Trouble With California Principal Residence Sales

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Tax Return Forms, A Keyboard, A Pen, And A Calculator, Representing The Substantial Understatement Penalty

What Is the Substantial Understatement Penalty?

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Poker Chips And A Hand Of Cards Showing A Royal Flush Being Played By A Pro Gambler Or An Amateur Gambler

Tax Implications for Professional Gamblers

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Frustrated Woman Sitting On A Couch With A Help Sign As She Deals With A Failure To Pay Penalty

What Can I Expect From the Failure to Pay IRS Penalty?

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Woman Reviewing Tax Forms While Facing Civil Penalties Irs Staff Applied To Her Account

Your Guide to IRS Civil Penalties

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A Stamp Of Approval On A Sheet Of Paper Representing An Irs First-Time Penalty Abatement

Your Guide to an IRS First-Time Penalty Abatement

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A Business Owner Reviewing A Checklist For Choosing A Tax Attorney Vs Enrolled Agent.

Tax Attorney vs Enrolled Agent: What Are We and What to Expect

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Can You Go To Jail For Not Filing Taxes? Handcuffs Sitting On Top Of A 1040 Tax Form Indicate Yes.

Can You Go to Jail for Not Filing or Paying Taxes?

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A Couple Working With Third-Party Tax Counsel In Preparation For An Irs Audit.

5 Reasons to Work With Third-Party Tax Counsel

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Ftb Levies

Everything You Need to Know About a California State Tax Levy

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Business Professionals Shaking Hands After An Llc Partnership Meeting

LLC Partnerships and Form 1099: Everything You Need to Know

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A Quaint Blue House With A Landscaped Garden Is The Homeowner’s Principal Residence

Your Guide to Principal Residence and Taxes

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Close-Up Of A Man’s Hands As He Considers The Elements Of Tax Evasion While Looking At Receipts

3 Elements of Tax Evasion and How to Avoid It

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A Woman Sitting On A Couch Realizes She Forget To File Taxes

What Happens if You Forget to File Your Taxes and What to Do Next

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Man Considering Small Business Accounting Issues On His Computer

5 Common Business Accounting Issues (and How to Get Past Them)

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Woman With A Tax Notice Looking At A Laptop

What to Do if You’ve Underreported Income to the IRS

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A Business Owner At A Table Working On Her Small Business Accounting

Business Owner’s Guide: Where to Begin With Small Business Accounting

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Capital Gains Tax Documents On A Desk Near A Person’s Hands

What Is Capital Gains Tax? A Complete Overview

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