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At Silver Tax Group, we offer our services for fees that are fair and designed to maximize the value you receive from our representation. Below, we answer some common questions we get about the price of our services. If you have other questions about tax attorney cost or pricing or about our services in general, please call us and speak with our team today.

Get a Free Consultation With One of Our Tax Attorneys

Consulting with a tax attorney can be helpful in many situations, from preparing for an audit to navigating complex filing requirements. During the consultation, our attorneys will gather information about your specific tax circumstances and may ask for documents such as past returns or financial statements. The attorney will then provide you with advice and potential legal options. They may also offer to represent you in dealings with the IRS or state tax authorities. It is important thoroughly discuss your needs and expectations. Consulting with a tax attorney can provide peace of mind and ensure that you are fulfilling your legal obligations as accurately as possible.

Do You Bill By The Hour? Or Do You Offer Flat Fees?

Our firm charges flat-rate fees. This means you know the cost upfront and are not billed for additional phone calls, emails, copies, postage or any other items that companies typically add on top of customers’ bills. When you hire us, you will know exactly how much you will pay before we even start working for you.

Do You Price Match?

We are happy to meet a competitor’s price, as long as that price is reasonable for the amount of work that will be required to help you reach as optimal an outcome as possible.


Privacy Is Secure

Are Payment Plans / is Financing Available?

Yes. We want everyone to be able to get the representation they deserve when facing tax issues, so we offer flexible payment plans that are designed to fit your budget and financial circumstances. Our payment plans are available to everyone, and we do not require a credit check to determine eligibility.

Clear, Fixed Pricing

  • No Surprises: We offer fixed-fee pricing for most services. Know exactly what you’ll pay upfront, with no hidden fees or unexpected bills.
  • Customized Quotes: For complex cases requiring more in-depth involvement, we provide a personalized quote after the initial consultation.

Do You Accept (Or Match) Prepaid Legal Program Discounts?

In many cases, we are able to match the discounts offered by prepaid legal service programs, while offering a more exclusive, dedicated service to you and your specific needs.

Am I Paying More To Have A Tax Lawyer Work On My Case?

In most cases, the answer is no. Our fees are extremely competitive, and that allows you to have an experienced tax attorney – and benefits such as attorney-client privilege – on your side without breaking the bank.

Why Don't You List Specific Prices On Your Site?

Put simply, listing “one size fits all” prices would be a disservice to our customers and the public. No two tax cases are truly the same, even when they involve similar issues. As such, we cannot provide you with a fair and, most importantly, accurate cost estimate of your case without knowing more about your circumstances. We encourage you to contact us to get a free assessment of your tax issues and straightforward quote about how much it will cost for us to handle your case.

Flexible Payment Plans

  • Ease Your Financial Burden: We offer flexible payment plans to accommodate your financial situation, ensuring our services are accessible when you need them most.

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"Chad and the crew at Silver Tax Group are the best, period. We were in a very tight tax bind that I won't get into here for obvious reasons and these guys saved us. After having one terrible tax experience after another, year after year, it was a God-send to find these guys. They were responsive, caring and quick and thorough to act. Couldn't recommend these guys higher." - Nick M.
5 Star Rating
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IRS debt of $682,437, Attorney Silver and his team negotiated the Debt down to zero.

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