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Are you in trouble with the IRS?

Time is of the essence. You have no time to waste if you want to protect your rights, your finances, your reputation and your future. That’s why we offer our urgent tax help services 24/7, so you can get help whenever you need it most. Our team of qualified, experienced tax attorneys are here to provide urgent tax help in any situation – no matter how complex or urgent the issue may be. 

Get Fast Tax Services When You Need Them Most

At Silver Tax Group, we understand that unexpected and overdue tax problems can pile up quickly. Whether you are facing a penalty or interest from unpaid taxes, an audit or filing extension request, our team of experienced tax professionals is here to help. We provide emergency tax relief services that can set your mind at ease while helping to avoid any further complications or penalties.

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Are you in the crosshairs of the IRS? 

The IRS can create scary threats that are all too real. The good news is you can act quickly and challenge the IRS ​to protect yourself from actions and get your financial standing back on track. 

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What Does an Emergency Tax Service Do?

We are tax lawyers and certified public accountants specializing in tax resolution and know the inner workings of the IRS better than anyone. 

Our proven strategies allow us to negotiate for lower taxes and penalties, so you don’t have to worry about paying more than you owe. Our emergency tax services can:

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Lisa Ward
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When you work with us for your emergency tax issues, we can help:

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Get Emergency Tax Relief from the IRS

Our 24-hour tax relief services provide quick solutions and peace of mind when you need it most. With access to the best technology available and unmatched expertise in taxation laws and regulations, we get results fast so you can move forward with your life without worrying about complicated IRS paperwork or possible financial losses. Contact us today – we’re here to help you every step of the way! Our tax attorneys will speak with you and put a plan together to obtain emergency relief from collection actions and work to get you in good standing with the IRS.

24-Hour Urgent Tax Assistance

We specialize in resolving tax issues quickly and efficiently by negotiating with the IRS and other taxing authorities on your behalf. We’re experts in finding new sources of funds, getting extensions on due dates, seeking penalty reductions, and resolving any other tax complications or liabilities so you don’t have to worry about excess charges or financial penalties.

You’ve probably seen the IRS take down politicians, business moguls, and celebrities. Every small town has a story of someone who has lost a battle with the IRS. After receiving a letter from the agency, many view it as a financial death sentence. Whatever your situation, it’s a scary time for you. Don’t let yourself get hassled. We can help you get back on your feet and know your rights.

Our emergency services come with advanced technology and unparalleled expertise in taxation laws and regulations. All of this combines for reliable solutions that will keep all liabilities in check without having to jump through hoops. Give us a call today – no matter the hour – for fast and effective help in every IRS-related situation!

Having Trouble Meeting The Tax Filing Deadline?

At Silver Tax Group, we understand that meeting tax filing deadlines can be stressful when you’re already busy and dealing with a lot of other work. That’s why we offer our last-minute tax filing services to help you get your taxes in on time so you don’t have to worry about any penalties or extra charges.

Our certified and experienced tax professionals are adept at working quickly to accurately submit all the necessary documentation in order to meet the deadline. Our team is knowledgeable in taxation laws and regulations, and has access to the latest technology to ensure timely delivery without sacrificing accuracy. You can count on us for fast, reliable service so that your taxes are filed correctly and on time.

In addition, we provide assistance with preparing documents such as W2s, 1099s, K1s, avoiding costly mistakes while also providing guidance if needed. We specialize in finding new sources of funds, obtaining extensions on due dates if needed, seeking penalty reductions where available, and resolving any other tax complications or liabilities so you don’t have to worry about getting penalized financially.

For expert assistance in getting your taxes in on time – even if you wait until the last minute – look no further than Silver Tax Group! Give us a call today for faster service!

Missed The Tax Filing Deadline?

Sometimes you get to a point where you know you won’t meet the tax filing deadline. You can file for an extension, but even with six months more to file, your taxes are still due. You’re going to be hit with huge late payment penalties.

Our emergency tax services can help you estimate the taxes that are due and file as quickly as possible. We can then through your tax records and better assess your tax situation, guiding you through the process to amend your filing. You can then receive the money you overpaid or settle any tax debts you owe.

Filing Mistakes

Did you file your taxes already but then realize there may be mistakes in the paperwork? The U.S. tax code is incredibly complex. Even when filing in “good faith,” taxpayers make mistakes. If a deduction wasn’t valid or was filed incorrectly, the IRS will still seek payment on the tax they believe is owed. And sometimes they come at you hard to make an example out of you.

Many families make mistakes when it comes to dependents. With blended families, it’s not always clear which child is a dependent for whom. Disabled relatives cared for by multiple members of the family add more complexity.

Our emergency tax service helps you sort out mistakes and keep the IRS from taking action against you before it’s too late.

Lost Tax Documents

Maybe you filed incorrectly. Or you failed to file because you lost important tax documents that were sent to you. Throughout January and February, tax forms keep coming and you misplaced some of them. Or maybe one was never sent to you. Or it got lost in the mail. This caused a discrepancy and now the IRS thinks you owe more.

Or perhaps the IRS is making a claim against you. And you think they’re incorrect. But you don’t have the backup documents anymore. What can be done now?

An emergency tax service helps you collect transcripts, statements, and previously filed forms. It’s possible to contest the actions taken by the IRS.

Emergency Tax Services Can Help

The worst decision you can make is to procrastinate or choose not to do anything. The IRS won’t give up until they’ve collected what they believe you owe. Fortunately, an emergency tax service can help.

Unfiled Returns

Having unfiled returns with the IRS is bad news. Every year when taxes are due, you’re reminded that you need to file those returns. It’s looming over you. And it’s a ticking time bomb. With every trip to the mailbox, you may wonder: Is this the day the IRS catches up with me?

Our emergency tax services can help you get current on your tax filings. We’ll file a reconsideration return on your behalf and try to get a hardship resolution. If audits or disputes come as result of late filings, our tax attorneys can deal with them for you. Resolving those issues is the only way to put your tax issues behind you.

Get Back Garnished Wages

Are you dealing with the stress of having your wages garnished? Silver Tax Group is here to help. Our experienced and certified tax professionals are well-versed in the complexities of taxation laws and can provide expert assistance to people who have had their wages garnished.

The IRS can contact your employer and tell them to send the government part of your wages . The IRS even has the power to have your wages garnished without a court order. And often, the amount they start taking is very aggressive.

Wage garnishment most commonly occurs when you owe the IRS. To make up for the debt, the government orders your employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck and reroute it to the person you owe. 

In some cases, your wages can be garnished without a court order. These situations only occur when you owe child support, back taxes, or student loans that haven’t been paid. We understand that dealing with an income-reducing garnishment can be stressful and complicated, but our team can help reduce or eliminate the amount taken by IRS or state tax authorities. We will work closely with you to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted accurately and on time so that your finances don’t suffer further. 

For reliable assistance in managing your wage garnishments, look no further than Silver Tax Group! Get in touch with us today for a consultation and see how we can help you get back on track financially.

Restore Your Levied Bank Accounts

Bank levies are another situation that can stop your heart. Bank levies occur when money is taken directly from your bank account to satisfy a debt. Banks freeze your account and remove the owed amount to be sent to the debtor. 

Right now your accounts are frozen and the IRS is threatening to clean you out. It feels like they’re going to bankrupt you. Which makes no sense. How will they get the rest of their money after they ruin you financially?

How can you, your funds, and your family be protected? An emergency tax service knows how you can protect your assets. They’ll make sure you’re protected from financial disaster.

If you’re facing a bank levy, don’t worry. We know the ins and outs of protecting your funds and ensuring that your debts are handled fair and square in a way that protects you.

Seizure of Property Issues

The IRS says they’re going to take property that took you your whole life to acquire. You’ll be left with nothing to show for your years of hard work. That property is your nest egg. It’s your future retirement site. You could never afford to replace it.

Emergency tax services can help get your property back. They’ll help you figure out a better way to settle your tax debts. They know who to contact at the IRS and what forms to file that will keep your property in your possession.

Perhaps one of the scariest letters to find in your mailbox is one telling you that the IRS is seizing your property. Property seizures happen when the government takes your property to satisfy a debt. 

The good news is that we can get your property back. Reach out to us and we’ll get you back on your feet.

Protect Your Offshore Assets

The IRS requires you to declare offshore bank accounts if you carry a balance of over $10,000. It’s bad news when they find out you have an account that you haven’t declared. Even if it’s just an oversight, the IRS may feel that you’re committing fraud.

Finding yourself in this situation can come with steep penalties. If you didn’t abide by the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, the IRS can take 50% of the value of your account. They can also assess penalties and even file criminal charges against you.

With our emergency tax services, we’ll file the proper forms to protect your offshore assets. If the IRS finds issues with your accounts, our tax attorneys can help you keep your assets.

Fight a Tax Audit

When you first receive an IRS notice that you’re being audited, you may assume you’ve done something wrong. Even if you’ve always been confident that you handled your taxes properly, you may now have doubts.

During an audit, you’ll be hit with continuous requests for paperwork. And you’ll have to provide the information fast! And there are many traps you can fall into along the way. An emergency tax service can provide solid defense and use tax laws to your advantage.

Even though many audits happen through the mail, the IRS may ask you to bring your files to their office. You also have a legal right to bring along your tax attorney from your emergency tax service.

If the IRS comes to your home or business, the situation is very serious. These visits can happen unannounced. They have the right to examine your business and paperwork. And you have the right to have your attorney present. So you’ll need a tax attorney who can respond quickly.

Deal With Tax Fraud Investigations

The IRS can suspect tax fraud for many different reasons. Identity theft that has been going on for years may trigger an IRS investigation. Another person or business who’s committed tax fraud can get you wrapped up in their mess.

IRS policies make it near-impossible for the typical person to fix tax fraud issues. You’ll need a tax attorney who has experience with fraud. An emergency tax service will investigate your situation. They’ll find out if your identity has been stolen and if someone has filed a fraudulent tax return. Once they resolve the issue, they’ll work with the IRS to avoid future issues.

Visits From IRS Collection Agents

Has the IRS has come knocking on your door? It happens. First, don’t panic. You’re not alone. We’re here to handle the situation with you and make sure that you know what to say and what not to in these situations. 

Get Fast Legal Defense

People make mistakes. And sometimes the IRS just thinks they make mistakes. If you find yourself under IRS investigation, call an emergency criminal tax defense service immediately! Your rights, assets, and your future are in jeopardy.

If you’re indicted, the IRS prosecutors will come at you relentlessly. And if you lose the fight, you’ll possibly spend time in prison and definitely get hit with fines. Our emergency tax services can help keep you from being indicted in the first place. 

But what if you’re already indicted? An emergency tax service can still help. Our tax defense attorneys can help you avoid a worst-case scenario. Whether it’s tax fraud, evasion, or some other issue, get some legal help now!

Top-Quality Tax Consulting

The best thing you can do to avoid issues with the IRS is to take action that keeps you off their radar. You want to pay as little tax as possible, but you need to do it the right way. You don’t want to put yourself or your business in jeopardy.

We can help make sure your business is operating efficiently. Making smart decisions can help maximize your tax savings. Structuring your business entities properly can keep you in compliance and reduce your tax liability.

It’s also necessary to plan ahead. What was good for you or your business at its start may not be good for it now. Tax codes change. You need to know how future legislation and tax regulations will affect you. We are familiar with current and upcoming tax changes and can always keep you up-to-date on the latest IRS updates.

Silver Tax Group Is On Your Side With Emergency Tax Services, And We Act Fast.

With our emergency tax services, we will contact the IRS and inform them that you now have a tax representative. This takes away your need to speak with the IRS directly.

Our tax defense lawyers know what rules the IRS must play by in order to collect what you owe. We not only negotiate with the IRS, but can also help protect your finances. We know how the IRS operates and we know what it will take to protect your rights.

Our lawyers have extensive experience resolving emergency situations involving issues such as audit defensecriminal tax defense, tax-related identity theft and the seizure of assets.

Don’t let the IRS surprise you or take actions against you that aren’t warranted. Sometimes simple mistakes can be viewed as an attempt to cheat the system. And the IRS comes down hard on taxpayers that appear to be engaged in fraud. Don’t let them show up with law enforcement and charge you with criminal activity.

Are You In Need Of Quick & Efficient Tax Assistance? We're Here To Help.

If you are facing threats from the IRS, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your situation. Get in touch with us anytime for a free case evaluation. No matter where you are in the process, we can help you make the best of your situation.

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