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Do you owe the IRS? Are they threatening to garnish your wages or seize your assets?

Don’t face the IRS alone. The experienced tax attorneys at Silver Tax Group in Austin are here to help. We understand how stressful and overwhelming tax problems can be, which is why we offer powerful legal representation to protect your rights.

Don't Try to Deal with the IRS on Your Own - Rope in The Help of an Experienced Tax Attorney!

Dealing with the IRS is never fun, but it’s especially daunting if you’re going it alone. The tax code is incredibly complex, and the IRS is notoriously unyielding when it comes to enforcing it. So, if you’re facing an audit or other dispute with the IRS, your best bet is to rope in the assistance of a local Austin tax attorney. Silver Tax Group represents Texas Taxpayers in all matters of state, local and federal tax issues. If you have unfiled tax returns, have back taxes, or the IRS is threatening to garnish your wages, levy your bank account, or put a lien on your property — give us a call immediately. 

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No matter what you may owe the IRS, our tax attorneys can help negotiate on your behalf. If you’re facing penalties or interest charges, we may be able to get them reduced or waived entirely. We have over a decade of experience negotiating payment plans with the IRS so that you can avoid being hit with hefty fines all at once. If you’ve been contacted by the IRS or by a local Texas Tax Office, we can handle all future communications on your behalf. We can represent your interests to these agencies and ensure your rights are being observed. 

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If you owe back taxes, the IRS can make your life miserable through wage garnishment, bank levies, property liens, and other collection actions. Our tax attorneys here at Silver Tax Group take rapid action to halt IRS collection efforts and protect your rights. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to negotiate with the IRS, so contact us today for a free consultation. We offer flexible payment plans for our tax services.

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Our Tax Law Services:

  • IRS Audit Defense – If you’re being audited, our Austin tax lawyers can handle the entire audit process for you and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to minimize fines and penalties. We have decades of experience representing clients in IRS audits of all types.

  • Tax Debt Resolution – If you have unpaid back taxes, we can negotiate with the IRS and state tax authorities to try to reduce your tax debt through settlement or payment plans. Our tax attorneys know how to navigate the complex IRS rules and procedures.

  • Innocent Spouse Relief – If your spouse failed to pay taxes or hid income, you may qualify to be relieved of tax liability. We help clients file Form 8857 and make their case to the IRS.

  • Tax Liens & Levies – If the IRS has imposed a tax lien on your property or threatened to levy your bank account or wages, we can request that the IRS release the levy and work out a reasonable payment plan.

  • Penalty Abatement – We fight to get penalties for late filing or late payment removed when there is reasonable cause. Our tax lawyers know how to complete Form 843 and prove your case.

Get the IRS off your back for good with the help of Silver Tax Group.

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