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Category: Business Tax

Instead of letting tax season get ahead of you, it’s time to get organized. This means taking steps to protect your business before future tax issues occur.

Where do you start? It’s important to first determine which type of taxes your business will owe.

Tax obligations prove different for each business type. They also have unique return requirements. So, it’s paramount that you understand which kind of business you’re in and its associated tax obligations.

As a business owner, whether you have an S Corp, C Corp, LLC or any other business structure, make sure you understand your federal, state, and local excise requirements. The tax laws are complicated and the 2019 tax reform can make them even more complicated. Many business owners are confused about how the new law will impact their excise bill and change their responsibilities.

However, learning some basics can help you better understand the type of levies your business is responsible for and how the new tax law will affect your bill.

Silver Tax Group is here to help you to understand your business taxes and answer all your questions and concerns. We can also help you file your taxes accurately and make sure your IRS payments are made in due time. Read our latest articles on business taxes and stay informed!

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