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Whether we like it or not, taxes are part of our life. Governments impose charges on citizens and businesses as a means of collecting revenues to meet the demands of their societies. This is why it is important that citizens endeavor to pay taxes and understand that it is more than just a “money grab” from the government.

Understanding all tax regulations and legal requirements can be quite overwhelming for most people. Tax terminology can be pretty confusing too. 

However, knowing your rights and obligations as a taxpayer and having an understanding of the rules and regulations can give you peace of mind and wisdom. You don’t have to be an expert, but it is crucial that you know the basics and the importance of taxes.   

From terminology to laws, learn everything you need to know about how and when taxes are applied from Silver Tax Group blog page. Find answers to all your questions about filing taxes, getting refunds and more. We know everything about taxes – you can too!

How Does a House Foreclosure Impact Your Taxes?
Tax Education

How Does a House Foreclosure Impact Your Taxes?

In these uncertain times, homeowners may have difficulty paying their mortgages, leading to a house foreclosure. Here’s the potential impact a foreclosure can have on your taxes.

Outrageously Frivolous Tax Arguments
Tax Education

18 Completely Outrageous Tax Myths & Arguments Debunked

There are many types of tax fraud, most of them involving intentional failure to disclose income, inflating legal deductions, reporting personal expenses as business expenses, concealing assets, and mislabeling transactions. Here they are, in no particular order:

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