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Whether we like it or not, taxes are part of our life. Governments impose charges on citizens and businesses as a means of collecting revenues to meet the demands of their societies. This is why it is important that citizens endeavor to pay taxes and understand that it is more than just a “money grab” from the government.

Understanding all tax regulations and legal requirements can be quite overwhelming for most people. Tax terminology can be pretty confusing too. 

However, knowing your rights and obligations as a taxpayer and having an understanding of the rules and regulations can give you peace of mind and wisdom. You don’t have to be an expert, but it is crucial that you know the basics and the importance of taxes.   

From terminology to laws, learn everything you need to know about how and when taxes are applied from Silver Tax Group blog page. Find answers to all your questions about filing taxes, getting refunds and more. We know everything about taxes – you can too!

paying taxes on mutual funds
Tax Education

How to Determine Taxes on Mutual Funds

You must report mutual funds that come from dividends and capital gains in taxable accounts. Here’s how to determine taxes on mutual funds.

filing nanny taxes concept
Tax Education

Nanny Taxes 101: How to File Taxes as a Nanny

Nanny taxes are federally required by household employees that’s income exceeds a certain threshold. Here’s what to know about filing nanny taxes.

retirement planners asking about 401k blackout period
Tax Education

How Long Does a 401(k) Blackout Period Last?

A 401k plan is a great way to begin planning for retirement, but 401k blackout periods can be confusing. Find out about them and how long they last.

irs priority guidance plan concept
Tax Education

What’s the IRS Priority Guidance Plan?

Tax laws are constantly changing, and it often can be difficult to keep up. Learn all about the IRS Priority Guidance Plan and upcoming tax code changes.

how to calculate roth ira's
Tax Law

How to Accurately Calculate Roth IRA Basis

Calculating Roth IRA Basis is an essential part of effectively planning for your future. Learn how to accurately calculate Roth IRA Basis for your taxes.

bank app with direct deposit set up with irs form 8888
Tax Education

How to File IRS Form 8888 for Direct Deposit

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your tax refund deposited right into your normal bank account, then Form 8888 is for you. The document was designed to help the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issue direct deposits of tax refunds, and is a great way to streamline the process of receiving your check and making sure it goes where you need it. Instead of having to wait for weeks or even months for your check to arrive in the mail, you can simply file this form to send your refund straight to your checking or savings account, depending on where you’d like for the money to go. You can also allocate just part of your refund to a single account, easily splitting the amount so you can manage your money according to your needs.

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