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The Advantage of Proximity and Expertise in FBAR Filings

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    Did you know that the very heart of the IRS Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), also colloquially known as the IRS FBAR Tax filing office, is a mere 25-minute drive from our Michigan Office? Yes, that’s right.

    All FBARs journey their way to the U.S. Department of Treasury at Post Office Box 32621, Detroit Michigan, 48232-0621.

    But for our clients, this isn’t just a distant mailbox—it’s practically in our backyard.

    Why Does FBAR Filing Proximity Matter?

    Direct Access: If there’s ever a hiccup or an issue with your FBAR, we don’t just make a call or send an email. We can literally go to the office and sit down with the officials there. It’s about direct communication, clarity, and prompt resolutions.

    Strong Relationships: Over the years, we’ve cultivated genuine contacts within the IRS FBAR office. Their respect for Silver Tax Group is evident. When we represent you, we don’t just bring our expertise to the table, but a well-established reputation as well.

    Platinum Standard Expertise: We don’t merely have attorneys; we have attorneys who wear the dual hats of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). When it comes to tax matters, especially something as intricate as FBARs, having an attorney who’s also a CPA is the platinum standard. Their depth and breadth of knowledge provide an unparalleled advantage.

    Beware of the noise out there. Some firms claim they have a “certification in FBAR filings.” Let’s set the record straight: There is no specific FBAR certification course. While there might be certifications related to tax, they don’t specifically deal with offshore filings.

    Work With the Experts at Silver Tax Group

    So, when you’re seeking representation for your offshore financial interests, wouldn’t you want the very best? An attorney who is also a CPA isn’t just a gold standard—it’s a platinum one. It’s the robust fusion of legal acumen with financial expertise. And at Silver Tax Group, that’s precisely what you get.

    For peace of mind, precision, and the power of proximity, trust in us. We’re not just close to the IRS FBAR office; we’re closer to perfection in what we do – contact Silver Tax Group today.

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