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Category: IRS Forms

business subject to excise taxes through form 720
Business Tax

Form 720: How to File Excise Taxes

Form 720 is an important small business tax form. Here’s how to properly file form 720 and correctly report excise taxes on your business tax return.

Tax Law

A Comprehensive Guide to IRS Form 1040-NR

IRS Form 1040NR is a variation of an income tax form for non-residents conducting business in the United States. Learn how to file this form problem-free.

bank app with direct deposit set up with irs form 8888
Tax Education

How to File IRS Form 8888 for Direct Deposit

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your tax refund deposited right into your normal bank account, then Form 8888 is for you. The document was designed to help the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issue direct deposits of tax refunds, and is a great way to streamline the process of receiving your check and making sure it goes where you need it. Instead of having to wait for weeks or even months for your check to arrive in the mail, you can simply file this form to send your refund straight to your checking or savings account, depending on where you’d like for the money to go. You can also allocate just part of your refund to a single account, easily splitting the amount so you can manage your money according to your needs.

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