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Should I hire a tax attorney for my IRS problem?

Some problems are nice enough to resolve themselves if you ignore them. Problems with the IRS are not among them. Tax audits, tax disputes and other actions involving the IRS will only get worse unless you take action now.

If the IRS has chosen to audit you or your business, you should hire a tax lawyer to help you. If the IRS has notified you of any problem with your return or asked for more information, you should hire an attorney. The IRS does not send out such communications on a whim. They likely think you owe them money, and that is a problem that will not resolve itself.

At Silver Tax Group, our tax attorneys can protect your rights while resolving your IRS problems efficiently. We have extensive experience dealing with the IRS. We know how to address their concerns and with a defense strategy tailored to your situation. Call our firm at 855-900-1040 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

Reasons To Hire A Tax Attorney

Tax preparation is generally the realm of accountants. For almost any other IRS concern, you should consider a tax attorney. Our qualified lawyers will:

Address Legitimate Tax Debts

If an audit or investigation results in you owing back taxes, a lawyer can help you resolve the situation in the best way possible. This may involve an Offer In Compromise, a hardship determination, an installment agreement or some other arrangement. A knowledgeable tax attorney can analyze your situation and find the right way to get out from under your tax debt.

Communicate With The IRS

IRS notices can be confusing. Whether the communication is by mail, or in person, a single misstep could expose you to substantial fines or even criminal prosecution. A tax attorney can handle all communications with the IRS, freeing you from an unpleasant and potentially hazardous duty.

Deal With An Audit

IRS audit defense involves careful planning and startling amounts of detailed paperwork. If you or your business are being audited, you need professional guidance that only an experienced tax attorney can provide.

Defend What's Yours

The IRS can seize your assets, levy enormous fines and even prosecute you in criminal court. Disputes with the IRS can cost you everything. If you've drawn the attention of the IRS in any way, you need to act quickly to resolve the situation.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights

At Silver Tax Group, our attorneys are prepared to take on the IRS and win. We handle tax issues for clients all over the United States. If you are facing an audit or have any dispute with the IRS, we can help you. Call us now at 855-900-1040 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.


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IRS debt of $682,437, Attorney Silver and his team negotiated the Debt down to zero.

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No matter where you are in the process, we can help you make the best of your situation. Call us toll free at 855-900-1040 for a free case evaluation.
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