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Tax Debt Relief: The IRS’ Best Kept Secret to Pay Off Taxes

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    We know you meant to pay your taxes when the time came. We also understand life got in the way with its other responsibilities.

    Your tax debt does not have to turn into a never-ending cycle of penalties and fees you can never seem to pay down.

    We can help lower your tax debt by negotiating with the IRS. There are IRS programs set up for this very purpose. 

    Why live with tax debt which takes away your sense of peace and even the joy in life sometimes?

    Why do that when we are here for you? We are the tax attorney who can help provide you with tax debt relief.

    We never want you to lose sleep over this issue again. Let us handle the IRS negotiations. As experienced and esteemed tax attorneys, we know what to say to the IRS and how to say it.

    We go through the tax debt you owe the IRS and find a way within the IRS programs offered to give you tax debt relief.

    You are in good hands with us. What’s more, we go through your tax case with you.

    We go over the legal options which offer the least amount of civil or criminal exposure.

    We are here for you and we care about your case. We can negotiate the best tax debt relief possible so you don’t have to deal with the IRS by yourself. We provide the legal advocate you need when dealing with the IRS. 

    Tax Debt

    It all started with a bill you didn’t have the money to pay in the beginning. It was after you did your taxes you realized you did not have the money to pay your IRS tax debt.

    It is at these times you need a tax attorney to help negotiate your tax debt relief. 

    We work with three main programs the IRS offers for tax debt relief. But these are not all the legal options we exercise when needed.

    But for now, let’s go over the core three programs the IRS offers. They are;

    1. Partial Pay Installment Agreement
    2. Offer in Compromise Agreement
    3. Penalty Abatement Agreement

    Hiring an esteemed tax attorney to help you with solving your tax debt issues eases your way into these programs. It can also help reduce the amount of tax debt owed.

    Details of the Three Tax Debt Relief Programs

    1. Partial Pay Installment Agreement. In summary, the partial pay agreement is when the IRS allows you to pay back your tax debt within 36-72 months.
      • This is a beneficial program for taxpayers who do not have access to a lot of upfront or high-dollar amount payments.
      • Within this program, the IRS offers less negotiation room on tax debt owed.
      • This is also a program which offers a fast turnaround with acceptance terms we negotiate.
    2. Offer in Compromise Agreement. In summary, the offer in compromise agreement takes a negotiated lump sum. Sometimes the IRS accepts two years of an agreed upon monthly payment.
      • This is by far one of the best IRS tax debt relief options. Eligibility for this program is tough to meet.
      • Our experienced tax attorneys provide help in obtaining this IRS beneficial tax debt program. 
    3. Penalty Abatement Agreement. The penalty abatement agreement can reduce the penalties and interest fees you owe.
      • Most taxpayers have no idea how high these penalties and interests fees are.
      • For instance, a late filing fee can run as high as 25% of the unpaid balance. But because the late payment fee keeps on running when unpaid, the combined total with your unpaid taxes can be 47.5% of the unpaid tax.
      • Our experienced tax attorneys can help you in getting your tax debt relief through a reduction of tax debt owed. We can also help you get a reduction of the penalty fees or interest.

    IRS Tax Problems

    Tax debt or problems with the IRS can feel like you are being crushed by the outside. Sometimes saying the word IRS and problem in the same sentence can cause people to get anxious.

    We are tax attorneys who work with the IRS so you don’t have to worry. We help reduce the amount you owe and work out the terms which allow you more time to pay your IRS tax debt.

    The IRS works with us because their end goal is receiving money from every taxpayer.

    We make sure they the IRS receives their end goal of receiving money but on better terms for you.

    Knowing which tax attorney you should use can help you the most with your IRS tax problems. It is the first step in solving your IRS tax problems.

    We offer stellar tax experience and abilities. We don’t stop negotiating with the IRS on your behalf until you are satisfied with the tax debt relief program terms.

    Types of IRS Tax Problems

    We work with IRS tax problems which include, but are not limited to;

    • Error on your tax return. Your mistake was innocent but you made a mistake on your tax return and it has already been filed. 
      • You can file a Form 1040X to amend your tax return. 
      • When you do this, if you owe more money to the IRS you must send it in with your amended form.
    • You didn’t file your tax return. If you failed to file your tax return there are steep penalties which go as high as 25% for the penalty alone.
      • In addition, your interest rate is 5% for each month.
      • You are now at risk of a lot of negative results from this error. We can help you obtain the best terms and programs with the IRS. However, it is essential we start sooner rather than later.
    • You paid your IRS taxes but you didn’t pay the full amount owed. The IRS gives you the amount you still owe them. They will send this figure to you on form CP14.
      • We can help negotiate a lower figure with less penalty and interest.
      • You want to pay the amount owed to the IRS but cannot afford it. We can help you with this amount as well.
      • We will negotiate the best incremental payment schedule we can get you.
    • The IRS has filed a Tax Levy against you. If you do not pay the taxes you owe and you do not hire a tax attorney to help you resolve this ongoing issue, a Tax Levy can occur.
      • A tax levy is when the IRS seizes your property in lieu of your tax payment. 
      • This property takes the form of cars, boats, personal property, money in your bank account, etc. It is terrifying and we can help prevent this from ever happening to you.

    Tax Debt Relief

    We work diligently on making sure the IRS wipes your entire tax debt off your record.

    This allows you to have a fresh start without having to wear the burden of tax debt on your shoulders for months or years.

    When we work on our wide variety of programs to help you with tax debt relief we don’t stop until you can benefit from the negotiated solution.

    Sometimes the most innocent IRS mistakes can result in criminal charges. This is a terrifying ordeal and our job is to make sure it never happens to you.

    One of the constants in dealing with the IRS is we always try to minimize your legal exposure on the front end.

    Because we know it is sometimes too late to help with tax debt problems at the end of the process. 

    The good news is the IRS cannot prosecute every person with unresolved tax debt. They don’t have the budget to do it.

    The bad news is there is no way to predict who they will or won’t prosecute or go after for tax debt owed. If you are caught up in the process, it is not easy to release yourself from the punitive consequences.

    What Are my Next Best Steps with the IRS?

    Your next best steps in working with the IRS to negotiate your IRS tax debt is to hire a tax attorney now.

    Some of our clients assumed they could handle their own IRS issue without an experienced and skilled attorney.

    By the time they reached out to us their tax debt relief was never going to be as good as it could have been if they hired us in the beginning.

    We are the experts in negotiating and sometimes challenging the IRS to give you tax debt relief.

    We work with you and on your behalf with the IRS. We walk you through the tax debt relief process step-by-step.

    We answer your questions until you feel comfortable with the tax debt relief option we seek on your behalf.

    We know you don’t want to carry this heavy burden on your shoulders anymore. We can help you if you reach out to us now.

    The IRS is an agency which never seems to sleep. Don’t get caught up in its punitive programs when we can help you get tax debt relief on friendlier terms.

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